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The Day I Almost Died

10 years ago today, I was in my first car accident. I was making a left turn and was hit on the front end driver's side of my car.

6 more inches and I would have been killed instantly.

I received a ticket (while I was lying in a hospital bed unable to move awaiting scans to make sure I didn't have any spinal injuries) for "going through a stop sign" but we all knew who was really at fault... the other driver was not only speeding, but on their phone. The driver also told the cops she was late for work and didn't have a phone, yet was on a cell phone at the scene. We later found out the details of her employment situation which confirmed her entire story was a lie. Though given NC state laws, I was still considered "at fault".

Despite me and my passenger that was in the car with me looking both ways before crossing, that car came out of literally nowhere. I'll spare the details, but out of all 3 of us that were involved in the accident I was the most banged up and received the LEAST amount of care and attention. It was an absolute nightmare.

There was even a reporter doing a segment at the gas station we turned out of, so literally seconds after the crash we had a camera in our face as if the accident wasn't traumatic enough, the aftermath was filmed.

It's difficult to look back and think about all the life I've experienced these past 10 years, that I would have missed out on had I not survived. As I look down at my wrist and see the scar that was left behind, I can only thank God for protecting me that day.

It's scary to realize that one moment 10 years ago could have prevented a lifetime of memories. My life may not be perfect but I'm thankful to be alive so I can experience all it has to offer. Each day we open our eyes and take a breath is a gift. Once I get through this medical hurdle I'm in, I plan to start living life the way I should have started living it 10 years ago when my life was spared.

I encourage those reading this to take a minute and thank God for being alive. Shut down all the troubles and worries around you for just a minute, and be grateful you woke up this morning.

Remember, life is short and can end at any moment. May you see each new day as a second chance to create the life you've always wanted ❤️


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