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Transition to the New You

Published December 1st 2014



When you looked in the mirror this morning;

Did you stop

 To take a good look at yourself?

Or did you just glance by at your reflection quickly

Because maybe you were embarrassed,

 Or ashamed

 By what you would see.

A new year has just begun:


 You continue to feel the same in some ways.

…Don’t you?

There’s no need to keep telling yourself that you’re not strong enough

Since you will continue to change,

 And continue to strengthen,

Come each new day.

Because who you were a year ago,

 Is nothing

 Compared to who you are today

Or who you’ll become a year from now.


You probably used to be shy

 And kind of quiet;

But now

You’ve chosen to speak a little louder.

Maybe you used to give up too easily on things

 Because they frightened you

Or intimidated you;

But now you look twice at things again

With a little more consideration.

You used to think of yourself as nothing during the painful moments of life:

Which we all tend to do


But the thought of that no longer haunts you.

Maybe you’ve been abandoned,

Let down,

Or hurt at some point in time;

But look at who you are now

 Overcoming and defeating,

 All of those obstacles that were supposed to destroy you.


You may have felt a little weak before

But now,

You’re stronger than you ever expected to become.

You used to be oblivious to the happiness in life’s




But now:


You see it all perfectly.

There were times where you used to feel scared and afraid

More than you wanted to…

But now you’ve chosen to change

 And to be:


You used to let even-the-smallest





But watch;

For you’ll continue to stand tall

Since the little things can’t hurt you anymore.


Promise yourself

 That from now on,

You will no longer allow the past to scare your future away.

After all,

You’ll never get to experience the rainbow

If you miss out on the rain.




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