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To My Beautiful Friend Struggling Within Herself*
Published June 1st 2015

For starters;

You are not alone, nor will you ever be-

And you are and always will be loved.

If there is anything you could ever need,

Please don’t hesitate to ask me or anyone around you.

We only want to see you succeed, and we only want to see you happy.

Promise me you won’t hurt yourself on purpose ever again;

There’s no reason to cause your body or mind any pain

Despite what you may think.

Remember what you said to me the last time you hurt yourself?

You said you wanted to stop and get help because you realized you wanted to live.

You finally realized your worth and how special and important you are.

So think about that right now.

Not the pain,

Not the fight;

Think about the feeling you had when you realized you were DONE hurting yourself.

Think about the time you realized you wanted to live.

Think about how it felt to finally stand up to your demons.

You need to let people see you break down so they can help you stand up and stay up on your own.

Trust me…

The only way it’ll get better is if you let people see you so they can help you however you need them to.

I know it’s hard and I know it’s scary and embarrassing,

But it makes all the difference; and it helps.

It really helps.

You’re surrounded by so much love; I just wish you could see it better.

I wish you could see how incredible you are the way we all do.

I want you to know that it’s okay to feel pain… and it’s okay to feel hurt and afraid.

It’s OKAY to feel things.

I promise you its something we all do,

And its something we all struggle with too.

Please listen to me when I say this because I know you have it in your mind that you need to be strong for those around you.

You don’t need to be strong and hide your pain or feelings from anyone just to make them happy.

You need to make yourself happy,

And keep yourself happy;

Because YOU are important also…

At the end of the day, be strong for yourself.

We’re all fighting a battle within ourselves that no one on the outside could ever understand.

Start by taking better care of yourself before you help others;

I know that’s what you love to do,

But try loving yourself the way you love the people around you.

I know it may be hard for you to see,

But you’re surrounded by so much love…

So much love and I hope and pray that you see it one day.

 I’ll say it over and over so you can never forget:

You are beautiful,

You are so strong and courageous.

You are smart, and you are loved by so many people in so many different ways.

I wish you weren’t so afraid of change;

I know you’ve been hurt in the past and I know that’s why you’re afraid to live now-

But sometimes you just have to go out on a limb and say screw it.

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t,

But you’ll never experience the happiness something or someone can bring you if you don’t allow them the chance to.

Worse comes to worse, you get hurt again.

Its okay because you need to get hurt to not only know your worth, but to also learn how strong you truly are.

Pain doesn’t last forever remember; it will eventually fade away.

Sometimes you even learn from it;

Maybe not at first, but within time you will.

So please, just for one little quick week,

Don’t think about how you’ve been hurt in the past,

Look to tomorrow and see what could happen if you allow change into your life.

Don’t expect anything!

For everything you could ever want and unknowingly need,


And will,

Fall right into place.

Remember what you said to me the last time you hurt yourself?

You said you wanted to stop and get help because you realized you wanted to live.


 Realized your worth and how special and important you are.

Re live the moment when you finally stopped letting the battles you face within you win.

Re live the moment you began to love yourself again.


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