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The First Snowflake

Published November 1st 2014


It was beautiful, yet unknowingly, a disaster.

Like a simple snowflake for example,

All it takes is that one, tiny, little flake to create the biggest tragedy the world could ever face.

No one ever really notices, but the first one had already fallen;

As it continues;


And on,

And on.

Before you know it, the streets are covered as the snow just piles up,

The temperature is dropping and the snow continues falling;

People are left panicking and wondering, “When will it end?! I didn’t believe it when they said it; I never paid any attention, it just came out of nowhere…”

And all of that was caused, by one harmless little flake.

All that distress, which could’ve been avoided had they noticed the beginning of the storm.


Who would’ve thought that something so serene looking and so pretty to see,

Could be so dangerous?

After all, it’s only just a snowflake.

There’s no need to be afraid if it starts off so small, right?

It’s not like it could just develop into something new over time… that’s just crazy.


If we were given the opportunity to foresee such an event,

Would anyone believe it as skeptical and stubborn as we may tend to act?

If something as simple as a snowflake was all we had to warn us,

For what could be the biggest tragedy we would ever see;

Is it worth it to stress over a simple possibility?


To the first that starts off everything,

No matter how simple or small it may be.

To our non responsive actions that shook the world in every way.

For everything that starts off small, almost always, grows into something great.

Here’s to a beautiful disaster that some might call a snowflake…




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