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Summer Has Come To An End*
Published 2015

It seems like just yesterday summer had began,

Although it’s all packed up and ready to leave again-

Allowing Fall to work its magic on the world.

No more

Sun tans and pool time,

Ice cream every night;

T-shirts and denim shorts,

And no more sleeping in late because schools approaching quickly.

Goodbye warm windy nights,

And hello cooler days.

Adios to those worn out, ruined flip flops,

And hello tennis shoes and sneakers;

Oh my…

Summer has come to an end.

The leaves are changing colors again,

And the animals are playing hide instead of seek.

The sun is going to bed earlier,

And birds are sleeping in a little longer as they search for their new homes;

Summer has come to an end.

The temperature is dropping slowly at a time,

And the ice cream man is riding around in that giant truck of love to finish up the season.

Now we can go back to wearing our blue jeans and sweatshirts,

And those brand new boots and hats we just had to have;

Summer has come to an end.

Its time to get back on a regular schedule:

Shop for new crayons and pencils-

And pens and paper.

Empty the pool and put away the toys,

But don’t leave behind those glow-in-the dark goggles you won…
Because summer has come to an end.

And for all of those who are as excited as I am,

Its time for school again!

The kids go back,

The younger siblings go back…

Leaving all the good food, still in the fridge waiting for you.

Isn’t summer just as fun when it ends, as it is when it begins?















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