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Why You Should Work With A Local Mortgage Loan Officer

When working with someone you can run into while you're out and about, know that the odds of your mortgage and home buying success greatly improve as opposed to working with an online lender who could ghost you at any given moment.

If you're wondering why, let's break it down...

When you work with someone local, they have a bigger reputation to withhold so helping you succeed is their only priority. The only way to help someone, is by doing right by them, and this can be hard when you're working with someone you can't meet face to face. When working with someone local, you're treated like family, not just another number in a call center.

Locals want to see their communities succeed, and owning a home is a major milestone in someone's life that should be shared with neighbors, not strangers!

Most importantly, the greatest benefit to working with a local is their knowledge of your target market and relationships they've built with other members of the community, so your pre approval is more likely to get your offer accepted as opposed to an online lender people hardly know exist.


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