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Why You Should Hire A Real Estate Agent

You might think you're saving yourself a couple of bucks by not hiring an agent, but you could actually be costing yourself thousands. Take a moment to walk through some important key points as to why you should have a real estate professional by your side. If you are looking to work with someone and aren't sure where to go, reach out to us any time and we can help connect you with top producing agents who will take great care of you and your real estate needs.

Market Knowledge:

A professional real estate agent's knowledge of the local market and access to home listings and sales data helps them recommend realistic prices to both buyers and sellers. An experienced agent also will be familiar with market trends over a long period of time. Although the decision about how much to offer or how much to accept ultimately lies with the consumer, your agent's advice helps to ensure that the deal you make is a fair one.


Agents work with a variety of other real estate professionals with whom you might need to call upon, such as mortgage consultants, home inspectors, attorneys and title companies. If complications arise during the buying and selling process, your agent can recommend the best professional to help you with your specific situation and serve as your intermediary if necessary. In addition, such tools as the multiple listing service puts a wealth of market data at your agent's fingertips -- information not available from consumer real estate websites.

Negotiation Skills:

A real estate transaction involves various steps: from making and accepting an offer to completing inspections and repairs. A buyer's agent will help craft an offer that's reflective of the market and sensitive to their client's budget, while a seller's agent will set a listing price that not only attracts multiple buyers but also recognizes the worth of the property. A seller's agent also can advise their client as to what repairs will earn the most bang for the buck, while a buyer's agent can look for problems in a home that could end up costing their client thousands of dollars down the road.

Expertise in Managing Transactions:

Even a straightforward sale can derail unless both parties honor deadlines and stay ahead of potential problems. A buyer or seller who goes it alone risks making errors that otherwise would have been prevented by an experienced professional. A real estate agent can correct issues with the purchase agreement, make sure inspections and repairs are completed in a timely manner, and keep both parties on schedule to make the closing.

Property Leads:

Real estate agents are good communicators in general and they spend most of their days talking to people who are both buying and selling property. Because of this, they regularly have property leads that may come from their colleagues in the field or even within the same real estate office. This can prove to be invaluable to match you with a property quickly before all the other buyers in your city. It’s not unheard of to have a property hit the market, and within a day, you having access to see the property before anyone else does. If your city is in a seller’s market (meaning there is less home inventory) having an agent working for you will be crucial.


If you have never been through a real estate transaction you may be unaware of how much paperwork has to be done in accordance with city/state laws, regulations, and financial legalities. The best part of having a real estate agent is having someone to handle this load of paperwork and to ensure it’s done properly. It only takes one small mistake to completely derail a real estate contract or purchase agreement. This benefit alone is worth hiring a real estate agent.

Final Thoughts:

By working with a real estate agent both buyers and sellers can make sure their best interests are being represented. Real estate agents have the knowledge and experience to help their clients experience a quick and stress-free transaction. By working with an agent home buyers and home sellers could end up saving on money they otherwise would have left on the table due to inexperience.

Not to mention, by the end of the transaction, you're likely going to have a new friend for life! While real estate agents handle a lot of the hard work, they're also by your side the entire time cheering you on and keeping your head straight until you've closed.


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