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No, You Don’t Need 20% Down To Buy A House

People often think they need a down payment of 20% to secure a home loan. The truth is, there are several loan programs that allow borrowers to make a down payment of as little as 0%! Let’s walk through some of these options together.

Veterans Administration (VA) 0% down

  • 100% financing for eligible veterans and military personnel

  • Assistance with borrower debt and closing costs is permitted

  • Limited closing costs *VA loans do not require mortgage insurance, but are subject to an upfront funding fee paid to the VA based on loan value, if applicable

U.S Department of Agricultural (USDA) 0% down

  • No down payment is required, flexible credit and underwriting terms

  • Not limited to first time homebuyers

  • Property must be in an eligible area

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) 3.5% down

  • Down payment and other gift funds permitted

  • Flexible credit review

  • Fixed rates

Also Available:

  • Conventional financing with down payment as low as 3%, if eligibility criteria is met. Otherwise, standard is typically as low as 5% down

  • State specific down payment assistance programs

  • Seller assistance with closing costs


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