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Is It Your First Time Hosting Thanksgiving In Your New Home?

Holidays tend to soak up so much of our time... Let us help ease some of that stress with a helpful list to make the week before a little easier for you. Remember, whoever cooks doesn't have to clean ;)

Hosting Thanksgiving Checklist One Week Before: 1. Create your shopping list 2. Plan your decorations and wash your table linens if necessary 3. Deep clean your house, including the bathrooms 4. Pick up non-perishable items at the grocery store Three Days Before: 1. Thaw the turkey if it's frozen (allow 24 hours for every 5lbs) 2. Get out your dishes and make sure you don't need any last minute items for serving 3. Clear space in your fridge for groceries 4. Go grocery shopping One Day Before: 1. Prep side dishes, pies, and sauces that can be made ahead of time 2. Set the table, buy fresh flowers for flower arranging 3. Chill drinks, stock the bar and buy ice if necessary 4. Clean the bathrooms one more time, and out out fresh linens Thanksgiving Day: 1. Cook the turkey 2. Make the stuffing and gravy 3. Reheat/warm any dishes that were made ahead of time 4. Turn on your Thanksgiving playlist 5. Relax and ENJOY your day! You've earned it :)


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