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Dos & Don’ts When Applying for A Mortgage Loan

Certain things can affect your ability to qualify for a mortgage. It’s very important to follow these guidelines until your loan has closed and funded


  • Continue to pay all of your monthly bills on time

  • Keep track of bank deposits and statements

  • Find, organize, and have on hand documents such as W2s, 1099s, tax returns and other statements related to your investments and your finances

  • Get pre approved before looking at homes so you know how strong your buying power is. This also ensures you’re looking at homes that meet your budget goals

  • Keep communication frequent and open when working with your mortgage team


  • Apply for any new lines of credit such as credit cards, auto loans or other purchase offers

  • Deposit or withdraw large amounts of cash without talking to your Loan Officer first

  • Change jobs, your pay structure or employment status

  • Charge current credit accounts/cards to the maximum limit

  • Make large purchases such as cars, appliances, or furniture

  • Take debt consolidation action or pay off collections or charge-offs

**Don't be afraid to reach out to your loan officer if you're unsure of something! We're here to help :)


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