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Simply, Love
Published August 1st 2015

If love is so difficult to describe,

How can it be simple at the same time?

How can something peaceful fuel every beat your heart creates

While remaining in your mind from the very moment it finds you.

It’s the kind of power that makes you do things you may absolutely hate, yet do anyway because it makes your partner flash that cheesy innocent smile you can’t help but adore.


Love is being vulnerable together and scared together too;

I’m talking about the kind that hits you the second you wake up,

And continues as you sleep.

It’s the kind of magic that makes you feel something over and over again every time you look at them,

Regardless of how much you may fight or disagree at times.


You know it’s real when

You’d follow that person all around the world;

And all the way to the moon, passing around each and every little star-

Only to land right back where you first began.

Love is making a road trip out of running to the grocery store,

And washing clothes together when you’ve always done yours separately.


It’s the kind of thrill that thrives on moments;

Like when your partner first wipes away your tears letting you cry on their shoulder for the very first time officially earning their stripes.

Or sitting next to them in the car as they sing along to every single song on the radio…

Even the ones nobody has ever heard of before,

But sure enough they know every word.

It’s the kind of drive that wouldn’t stop you from doing anything in the world, just to make sure that person knows how much you love them.


That’s when it’s real…

When you’re caught reminiscing on the past of what hasn’t been a year yet.

When helping out that person may take everything you’ve got to give;

And I mean everything…

But you do those things anyway.

Even simply being able to talk to that person about all the crazy thoughts that race in your mind while also knowing the very moment sadness appears in their eyes.

Knowing the difference in their voice,

Whether it’s for happiness, sadness, enjoyment or even gas…

That is when you absolutely cannot, let go of that person.


Because it’s the kind of feeling that’s indescribable by words,

Perfectly captured by moments;

Yet still so very simple,







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