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Saturday Morning*

Published July 1st 2015


The morning nobody talks about;

The morning that gets left behind in the shadows-

 Because of infamous Sunday morning fiascos.

The morning you spend with that special someone you spent Friday night with-

But as for some, it’s just another day with the same ole fella.

Saturday morning is the day you get to sleep in a little later instead of having to get up early.

Today you’re sleeping in past 8 am and it’s going to be amazing.

Saturday morning is the day you get to stay in bed ‘till 12 in the afternoon not doing a single thing at all;

Unless you have little kids running around-

 Then you miiight want to wake up a bit sooner:

Silence isn’t always a good thing with children on the prowl.

It’s the official start of the weekend for most,

But for those of you who have to go to work-

I’ll pour an extra glass for you.


Sometimes Saturday’s aren’t all that great though…

There’s football practice,

Cheerleading try outs,

 Or early morning soccer games-

You have to sit-around-in-the-cold-for.

But at least they’re great for birthday parties and spontaneously planned trips to the beach.

Hell they’re great for just about anything and what’s even better than that,

Is being able to do it all over again the very next day!

Some may underestimate Saturday mornings because they don’t have that:

“Sunday Morning” cliché vibe…

But at least on Saturdays, you don’t have to go to work the next day-

But if you do,

 I’ll pour another glass for you.


In the end,

It doesn’t always matter how you spend your mornings or afternoons,

 It’s who you spend them with that matters most.

Whether it’s staying in bed all day and not getting out of your pajamas,

Working another slow shift at work

Or running last minute errands for the kids while they tag along and wine the whole time;

Saturday mornings just give you another chance for that perfect morning feeling

We all try so hard to achieve.

But in the mix of trying to achieve perfection,

You miss out on the moments that were already perfect to begin with…

And all those small moments that we tend to look past,

Will end up being some of the greatest we’ll ever experience. 

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