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Inadequate Materials 

Released September 13th 2017

I live in a world full of restrictions

Designed for my own protection.

Growth is all that surrounds me

But I still remain the same.


The outside world is moving on

As it waits for no one.

Leaving me to drift away

Into the pain that consumes me.


I cry because some days feel wasted

I obsess because I can’t change it.

Others success can be hard to hear

As I struggle just to make it through the day.


I know it’s hard to see that I’m broken

When my body hides it well.

I can’t help but wonder if I’d be taken more seriously

If my pain could be seen on the outside.


I’m trapped inside a place I can never escape

Unable to grow with the world.

I want to break free from these fragile walls

But my body won’t let me go.

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