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In A World Full of Stars

Published January 1st 2015


In a world full of stars,

YOU were the one

That crash landed down

AND found its way to ME.



Disguised as my neighbor;

It seemed CRAZY to me how you swept me off my feet so quickly,

Like I even momentarily questioned my sanity;

That very moment IN which I realized,

I had fallen in LOVE with you.


It wasn’t until we began to spend more days and nights TOGETHER,

That I noticed that I’m starting to think like you,

Talk like you,

And even sound more like you too;

I’m losing my accent and picking up more of yours babe,

And that drives-me-crazy!

I had also noticed that we’re STARTING to think about things in a more

Similar way;

AND without realizing it,

We’re FINISHING each others sentences and speaking exactly what’s on the others mind.


YOU’RE the only one who can call me BEAUTIFUL and have me believe it.

Only you can blow kisses onto my stomach,

AND get away with making those farting noises seem ADORABLE.

You even get all excited when I cook for you your favorite meal;

But most of all,

We help each other BELIEVE in ourselves a little more each day,

In a way that no one has ever been able to.

We fight for each other IN a way only we could understand,

Just like how we push each other in a way no one has ever done for us before.

I will continue to support you no matter what,

As YOU have always supported me.

But more importantly we love each other…

Unlike we’ve ever loved or been loved before.


Since I met YOU,

Everything falls right into place as if that’s where they’ve always meant to BELONG;

WITH you in my arms to love and to hold

To cherish and to protect,

With ME by your side to fight and to guide,

To love for the rest of our lives.


For the most incredible,



Romantic AND loving man,

That I have ever met and loved so much;

Not just for Valentines Day,

But for every day and every night,

That follows after.

I’LL spend the next hundred years:

Growing old,

Getting fat,

And ALWAYS singing and rapping in the car with you.

I LOVE you,

And hopefully one day YOU will understand just how much that is.


We’re living beneath a world COMPLETELY full of stars,

Yet somehow,

You landed here to love me.





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