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Fall Is Here

Published October 1st 2014



No more hot summer evenings,

And you can say goodbye to the warmth of yesterday.

No more flip flops or sandals,

And having barbeques for dinner,

Fall is here.

The colors are changing,

And the leaves are falling.

It’s getting dark out early,

And the birds stopped chirping,

Fall is here.

The wind is starting to get cooler,

And we can begin to eat those unrecognizable soups again.

It’s come the time to wear our scarves and sweaters,

And have bonfires under the bright night sky,

Fall is here.

It’s time to pick out some pumpkins,

And get all dressed up.

Bring out those warm comfy blankets we’ve missed so much,  

And just gaze up at the stars,

Fall is here.

It’s a beautiful misery to see the leaves twirl down from the trees,

And it’ll drive you crazy having to pick them all up.

You’ll see them everywhere and anywhere,

And there’s not a single thing that you can do about it,

Because fall is here.

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