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Marriage is Forever and Family Should Be Also
Published March 1st 2015

For some of us,

We have a great family

An incredible family,

With laughter, stories and advice-

But also with struggles;

In which they all face together knowing that they’re never alone through anything.

And that

Is what you would call:

“The perfect family”


But only in a way that they could understand

And in a way that works for them,

Being that nobody is perfect…

But for some of us,

We don’t necessarily have a family so to speak.

At least one that acts like it:

They’re not there for each other…

Nor do they care enough to check on one another every now and then to make sure everything is okay.

For some people,

They have what you would call,

“An incomplete family”

“A broken family”-

Hell, some people have a family right in front of them without ever realizing it because they’ve never had a real one to know what it’s like when one’s literally sitting right in front of them.

Currently I am not married-

But I hope to be someday.

I have witnessed quite a few to know what keeps a marriage going-

While learning what destroys one.

When you marry somebody,

You’re committing yourselves to creating a special bond of which should NEVER be broken.

You’re promising to NEVER leave your partners side,


For richer or for poorer

And in sickness and in health,

You are promising to

BE THERE for your loved one through everything and anything.

Now if we can do that with a total stranger,

Shouldn’t we be committing ourselves to our family also?

I mean if we can make those kind of commitments to someone were not related to by blood,

Then why can’t we with our own blood relatives?

Why can’t we promise the same commitments to our own parents and children?

Why is it that we can commit our lives to a stranger of whom we’ve fallen madly in love with,

Yet we can’t make those commitments to the people who have always loved us and who have always known us?

WHY walk away?

WHY cheat?

WHY abandon your family?

WHY give up on them?

Why wouldn’t you fight for them every day they’re away from you?

Why give up on the ones you claim to love, or claim to want to be involved with?

What’s stopping you from being with your family forever or as long as you possibly could?

If there’s an issue-


There’s no reason in the world why you couldn’t…

For example:

Let’s say you “ignored” your father for years;

No speaking or visiting him,

Then all of a sudden you start talking to him again.

Tell me something parents;

Would you walk away from your daughter because she ignored you for a while because of something you did to her at some point in the past but are unwilling to admit since you can’t accept the fact that you actually made a mistake?

Or would you try to mend things with her, and just be there for her and appreciate the fact that she is trying to fix things now and just be happy that you finally have your daughter back in some way, shape or form?

Is having her back in your life a little bit,

Better than not having her in it at all?



From the past and-


STOP letting past mistakes affect the changes of your future all because you’re afraid or too ignorant to admit to your own mistakes.

Focus on TODAY while looking forward to tomorrow.

Why question things if the person is making an effort?

I don’t understand…

If all you wanted was your daughter back,

Why didn’t you fight for her everyday?

Why did you walk away when she was trying to better things between the two of you?

Why walk away...

ALL over again,

Only to cause more pain

And more heartache?

I believe,

That marriage is forever.

Now why can’t that be the same for family too?



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