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Before The Night Ends

Published May 1st 2015


Listen to slow songs with your eyes closed.

Walk beneath the rain without an umbrella.

Express your love with paint.

Scream out all of your anger-


Cry away your sadness.

Go for that bike ride around the block that you’ve been avoiding.

Eat that last piece of cake and not care what anyone thinks.

Laugh about how you used to eat glue in elementary school.

Throw some glitter in the air and watch it tumble down-

Don’t even think about cleaning it up for a day or two;

Just let it sparkle in the sunlight through the window.

Eat some chocolate for no reason.

Buy some ugly looking shirt from the store and give it to someone-

Because, why not?

It’ll make both of you laugh.

Sneak in candy to the movies instead of paying $5 for a bag of M&Ms.

Have a paper ball fight in the middle of the dining room.

Pile each and every couch cushion on top of each other and jump off of them like you’re sky diving.

Build a fort out of pillows and blankets and put on a show.

Smash some fruit with a baseball bat.

Hell, smash some eggs too while you’re at it.

Teach your kids how to dance with that giant teddy bear they just had to have and never use.

Blast the music in the car and don’t turn it down at the red lights;

Or buy the sound effect CDs and drive around making weird noises to freak people out.

Point at the car when you see the Drivers Ed cars out;

Just kidding don’t do that because they will follow you

And they will report you for something way out of line.

Try on




 In your closet for absolutely no reason what so ever;

I mean who’s gonna know anyway?

Buy an evil clown costume and scare the hell out of your ex best friend at her new job,

(With permission from management of course which you get because they don’t even like her working there because she’s a terrible employee.)

Make a scrapbook of those childhood memories you won’t ever forget,

Regardless of how bad you want to.

Attempt some origami for whatever reason people do that for.

Mess around in a coloring book and draw…


Of the lines instead,

Because you’re not getting graded on it so who cares how it looks.

Make some confetti out of old bills or receipts that you can’t stand to look at anymore because your husband failed to do anything about them.

Buy a slingshot and shoot some stuff because you’re an adult and can do what you want.

Take a seat on top of the refrigerator;

Build a snowman out of fake snow because it’s July and you want to be different.

Write a short story for your kids or for your neighbors’ kids.

Volunteer somewhere.

Donate something.

Say something.

Scream something out loud.

Sing something softly to yourself.

Maybe even sing your dog a song because cats don’t like anything fun.

Eat ice cream out of the carton

Or eat something else if your lactose intolerant.

Stop being sensitive about things you can’t control.

Be thankful you’re alive today.

Tell a stranger hello.

Give a person hope today.

Hug someone who means everything to you.

Tell that someone you love them;

Just not your English teacher though

Because that might be a little bit awkward.

But if you like being awkward and you don’t care,

Then go for it.

Frolic through the neighbors yard like you’re living on another planet.

 Teach your colorblind cousin red light green light-


Although you don’t need to see colors to play that game, they wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

Try to do something for yourself today or for someone else who could use a break.

Surprise someone just because it’s Tuesday.

Write a lullaby for the newborn baby next door that won’t stop crying at 3 o clock in the morning.

Don’t stop until you’re about to fall asleep.

And when you do,

When you’ve finally done all that you can do;

Lie down and stare at the ceiling for no reason.

BE grateful for the things you have and for the things you can do that others may not be able to.

STOP slumping over ridiculous little things.

DO big things in life;

Just because…


Do things for the people who can’t.

SAY what you wanna say about things without fear-

DO what you want to do.

LIVE your life the way you were born to.

DO what makes you happy regardless of how weird some may think it is.

BE happy.

BE happy for the people around you,

BE happy for your loved ones.

BE happy for YOURSELF and love YOURSELF with no expiration date.

Do what ever it is you feel that you want to do,

And do whatever you can

Before the night ends.

Do it while there’s still a little bit of time left.

Do it before you change your mind.


 Before the night ends.

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