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Be Fearless

Published February 1st 2015


If you want to achieve something in life,

Just get up


DO it.

Even if you’re not entirely sure what that something really is:

Just take a breath,

Take a chance,

And give it your best shot;

You’ve got nothing to lose.

When you’re unsure of what to do

 Or you don’t know where to turn,

You’re just completely at a loss for words-

And you’re feeling totally LOST:

Follow your heart.

For on the outside it may only seem to beat,

But on the inside,

It does a lot of speaking too...

You just have to LISTEN more closely

 And pay attention a little more carefully.

You withhold a story within yourself that needs to be told.

And whether people want to hear it or not,

You need to SCREAM it from the roof tops.

You NEED to-

Steal away all of their attention.

You NEED to-

Make those people listen.

I mean really,

WHO CARES what anybody thinks?

It’s your story of SURVIVAL that you’ve lived to tell,

And NOBODY’S opinion matters


YOUR own.

Because the strength you’ve built inside of you,

And the person you GREW to be,

IS NOT something just anyone could accomplish…

Especially on there own like you were FORCED to do.

All in all,

Words mean NOTHING when actions speak louder.

Therefore others opinions do NOT matter-

Since they didn’t actually happen-

They were just partially thought of and spoken.

You see where I’m going with this?

You see what I’m saying now?

FIGHT for yourself.

FIGHT for those who never got the chance to.

Be THEIR voice.


 By raising YOURS:

Think about the strength that you contain


To those who stand



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